We are always interested in new demos.

Do you think you produce music that fits our label?
Feel free to submit your demo in the genres chillout, lounge, ambient, downtempo house or any other relaxing genre that you think we are interested in.

Make sure that your music is in 320kbps and not available anywhere (public) on the web like on Soundcloud and Youtube.
Only submit private unreleased and original works. Make sure that your track is finished completely.

Please do not submit teasers, bootlegs and mashups.
In the case of the bootlegs and mashups, know that labels can’t even release these due to legal issues.

Remember to include a short bio and contact details.
Keep your submission short and sweet, best tracks first.

We prefer Soundcloud private links. Make sure that downloads are enabled!

Please don’t chase us for a response. If we like what we hear we will get in touch with you within 2 weeks.

Last but not least. Keep it exclusive. Do not submit your demo to 100 other labels at the same time. Pick your favorite.

Ready? Submit your demo below. Good luck!